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How To Buy A Private Jet To Suit You

PJI offers private jets for sale. Choosing a high-performance jet for your current business or personal enjoyment is unlike any other purchase you’ve made in the past – even if you already own and are seeking a better option.

In this evolving market place for aircraft, options and considerations come into play, many of which you may not have thought through. With a million and one things that could go wrong, no one becomes a jet expert overnight –

A Completely Different Approach To Selecting A Private Jet

With the right private jet your aircraft could become your office. You could be in New York City for an afternoon meeting and be at home enjoying dinner with your spouse and children that evening. Or it could whisk you away to unique and hard to reach places that commercial airplanes just don’t go.

At PJI we walk you through a three-step process designed to outfit you with the right jet and in the air as quickly and easily as possible, saving you untold costs and headaches down the road. And we can make a virtually certain statement that no other reseller is using all of these strategies exactly as we do for our clients.

If you require a jet for any reason – whether to gain the competitive edge with face-to-face meetings, or make an impressive arrival at your destination, or save considerable time by avoiding national airports, our three-step strategic process ensures your buying experience provides you with everything you want and need…

Even in the face of obstacles to overcome, or if you’re uncertain about what to get, or if you’ve been misled in the past.

We support you before, during and after the sale. That’s why our number one source of sales is with repeat clients and referrals.

Are You Ready To Use A Private Jet To Your Advantage?

If you are an entrepreneur, top executive, celebrity or adventurer and you want to acquire an asset designed to make life give you want you want, our three-step assessment process will get you there.

And if by chance you have purchased a jet before, then you know the potential disillusionment of being blindsided about the condition of the jet, the costs to maintain, and all the regulatory requirements that can snag you by the ankles (at best) if you are unprepared.

Private Jet Purchasing Secrets That Most Brokers Don’t Want Revealed

You might be wondering what could possibly be so different about our process from all other resellers, and why don’t they know about it?

First Disclosure of Difference:

We control all the planes in our inventory.

We carefully select, test, and thoroughly vet each and every private jet for sale that we show to our clients. Most other resellers and brokers don’t have the resources, knowledge or dedication to do the same.

The benefit to you is greater assurance that you are getting what you expect – and what are you paying for.

Second Disclosure of Difference:

Before offering a private jet for sale, we make our aircraft not only showroom ready, but ready to own and fly. With our professional staff we are typed in over 30 different aircraft. No company in this industry has owned, refurbished and test-flown a wider variety of jet craft than our combined staff of professional pilots and support technicians.

We personally fly each one to determine its readiness, responsiveness and reliability in the air. Most other resellers don’t have the resources, knowledge or dedication to do the same.

The benefit to you is having absolute confidence that your jet is in ready-to-fly condition and that you’re actually buying what you think you’re buying.

Third Disclosure of Difference:

Here’s the reason why some people almost always get what they want when they want it – They have a trusted advisor. An unparalleled expert for the solutions and outcomes they seek.

When you become a client, we will educate you on what options would best fit your unique needs and wants. That’s the FIRST step in our one-two-three step process for purchasing a private jet.

This Time Around, Expect A Better Outcome

Call now. Let us show you how we can help you.