At Pegasus Jet International, our focus is on the buying and selling of business aircraft in an international marketplace. The purchase or sale of an aircraft requires the utmost in deliberation and risk management.

Our knowledge of the aviation industry, aircraft systems and equipment, and day-to-day market conditions is unparalleled. Our combined experience of 100 years in corporate aviation speaks for itself. Join Pegasus Jet International as we move into the aviation future and raise the bar in aircraft transactions. All of our clients hire us for one reason: they trust us to provide sound strategies and guidance in the purchase or sale of their business aircraft. We are committed to integrity and intense customer focus and our expertise is unmatched in the world of aircraft transactions. So whether you are purchasing a new or pre-owned business jet, or just beginning the process of bringing an aircraft to market, the best first step is to talk with PJI. We can provide insight into both the domestic and global markets, enabling you to make the most confident, informed decision possible about the purchase or sale of an aircraft.


Our expertise goes far beyond buying and selling private and business jets. We have decades of operational expertise and have owned and managed a wide range of business jets. This real-world experience helps us understand the operational issues you face as an aircraft owner. It enables us to help you maximize the use of your executive aircraft, reach your business objectives and create the lifestyle you desire.


Aircraft Sales

We carefully select, test, and thoroughly vet each and every private jet for sale that we show to our clients.


Aircraft Management

Avoid being blindsided about the condition of the jet, the costs to maintain, and all the regulatory requirements that can snag you by the ankles (at best) if you are unprepared.


Over the years, we have developed many friendships and lasting relationships with our customers. In fact, seventy-five percent of our sales are to former customers. Why? We could tell you it is because of the unrivaled dedication we provide before, during and after the sale. We could also tell you it is because our customers receive the “Best Buying Experience” in the world.

Business jets are just time machines, referring to the time-saving capacities of flying privately—avoiding hours of preparation and waiting for commercial flights, as well as the time spent after landing to exit planes and collect baggage. By most estimates, commercial fliers lose two hours each way. The majority of our clients own business aircraft because it helps their businesses be more efficient or helps them reach out to new customers and prospects. And it helps their executives be in multiple places on the same day.